Engineering studies - Computer Science, specialization:
Computer Graphics and Multimedia


Engineering studies - Computer Science


7 semesters

Are you a creative person who likes to create, feels spatial vision? In that case, Computer Graphics and Multimedia will be the perfect specialization for you in the field of Computer Science. Choose Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu - National Louis University in Nowy Sącz to go to studies that will allow you to fully discover and develop your potential.

For whom are the engineering studies with the specialization in computer graphics and multimedia?

You don't know if computer graphics and multimedia are a good choice? If you like art or you are interested in creating your own graphics - definitely yes, choose WSB-NLU. The studies are a combination of scientific knowledge, with the possibility of gaining practical qualifications at the same time. If you are an open minded person, you have limitless amounts of creativity, you feel at ease in the world of computers and you like the world of computers - Computer graphics and multimedia will prove to be the right way. 

Study program Computer graphics and multimedia

Computer graphics and multimedia is a field of study that gives you the opportunity to acquire knowledge and competences that are necessary in your professional work. The study program at WSB-NLU is mostly based on practical education. We put a lot of emphasis on practice classes, design and creating graphic resources.

WSB-NLU students have the opportunity to participate in commercial classes, gain many graphic skills, but also in the field of IT knowledge. Our classes at the Computer Graphics and Multimedia specialization are focused on developing artistic skills and the art of visual communication.

What competences does a graduate
of engineering studies gain?

The course of engineering studies with the specialization in Computer graphics and multimedia was prepared in such a way that our students gain comprehensive education and skills in the field of animation, vector graphics and other types. They work on specialized programs, which at the outset is their huge advantage on the labor market. They are also well acquainted with the requirements of employers.

Computer Science students at WSB-NLU often participate in practical classes aimed at good preparation for the profession. Classes conducted by high-class experts, practitioners and specialists in computer graphics.

Professional perspectives after completing the Computer Graphics and Multimedia specialization

WSB-NLU students have a great chance to find a job in the profession. Thanks to the choice of our university, they learn how to process graphic files, use popular computer programs or learn scripting languages.

Where can graduates of the Computer Graphics and Multimedia specialization find employment? After graduation, they can successfully engage in tasks such as:

  • designing advertisements in a media company,
  • visual communication management,
  • advanced editing of graphic and video files,
  • creating multimedia elements,
  • using the image in business and social communication,
  • work as an advertising specialist in a media agency,
  • creator of posters and other information carriers,
  • graphic designer in computer games,
  • graphic design,
  • designing visual identification systems,
  • creating typography.
87% of our  students find a job  in the profession

Form of Studies at WSB-NLU

Students who decide to start studies at WSB-NLU may choose full-time studies - studies from Monday till ​Friday.

Full-time studies

Conducted on the campus in Nowy Sącz.

How long does a bachelor's degree in engineering take?

The undergraduate engineering degree program in Computer Graphics and Multimedia is 7 semesters long.(3,5 years)

Cost of Computer Graphics and Multimedia degree program

Tuition for engineering degree programs is payable in one installment. Foreign language fees are included in the tuition.

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