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    Currently, WSB-NLU does not require an internship diary, but if the place where the internship is carried out requests such a document, the university may issue it at the student's request. Nevertheless, during the final verification, it is not required to send a scan of the practice diary.

    If necessary, the University, at the request of the Student / Participant, may issue: a referral for an internship, an agreement on the organization of a professional internship or an agreement on the implementation of an internship. The student applies for these documents via the CloudA system and they are available at the WSB-NLU Dean's Office. They can also be sent to the Student's e-mail address or to the address of residence indicated by him (after paying the shipping costs).

    Each Student or Participant independently applies for the documents they will need to start the practice. In the case of professional practice, this may be:

    orientation to practice,

    agreement on the organization of practice,

    practice organization agreement.

    Please select one of the above documents. It is not necessary to apply for all three. In the case of an internship carried out as an activity, the student is obliged to select an application for an internship as an activity.

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