International Cooking Day

International Cooking Day
Międzynarodowe gotowanie w szczytnych celach

International cooking for a good cause - International Cooking Day at WSB-NLU

Cooking in the best style, delicious dishes and open hearts - this is what characterizes the unusual event organized by the Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu - National Louis University in Nowy Sącz. International Cooking Day is an event that proves that WSB-NLU students not only do enjoy and appreciate international cuisine, but are also willing to help those in need!

Na czym polega International Cooking Day na WSB-NLU

What is International Cooking Day at WSB-NLU?

International Cooking Day is an event that is organized by WSB-NLU students coming from different parts of the world. For many years now, each year participants have the opportunity to taste delicious international and traditional dishes from around the globe: from soups, meat and vegetarian dishes to desserts. Prepared dishes, from parts of the world the students staying at WSB-NLU within the Erasmus+ program come from. At this point, it should be mentioned that Polish students also take part in the event, because all of them, without any exception, really enjoy all the activities at their universities.

Charytatywny aspekt gotowania

The charitable aspect of cooking!

Simply consuming the specialties, however, is not the point of the event! Tasting each specialty comes with a payment. These are donations thrown by each consumer into cans set up at each stand. The collected sum is transferred each year to a collectively selected, noble charity. Every year during the action we manage to collect a few thousand polish zlotys which reach people in need from the Sącz subregion.

Join our "delicious" team and help with us!

W organizacji XVII edycji wydarzenia pomagały także uczniowie

Not as simple as it seems... Students cooking in the dormitory must often, without a set of required ingredients, improvise in the kitchen, which is equipped with only basic equipment. This does not discourage them. What's more, it even enhances their enthusiasm and sprakles their gastronomic imagination. As a result, their expectations are often exceeded and the dishes come out far more delicious than expected. It is not a rare case that culinary talents are discovered during the event. Maybe a future Master Chef will be born among our students…

International Cooking Day also has an extra added value. During the cooking students make closer relationships, integrate with the WSB-NLU community, learn about each other's culture and have the opportunity to test themselves in a new role, where in each group a leader is born, a special task person or an always reliable and infailable helper start to shine. The prepared delicacies are later displayed at catering stands in the main hall of WSB-NLU and evaluated by the guests - faculty, staff and other students who make up the entire academic community.

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