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Scientific and Pedagogical Internship

Scientific and Pedagogical Internship

Internship for pedagogical workers at the Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu - National-Louis University under the qualification enhancement program

«Distance education: innovative methods and digital technologies»

(3 months, 240 hours, 8 ECTS credits)

November 29, 2021 - March 1, 2022Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu - National-Louis University Nowy Sacz, Poland

Internship is held in distance form based on the innovative digital platform CloudA - a unique innovative development of Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu - National-Louis University.

Internship program

Module 1. Distance education: experience and perspectives. (30 hours / 1 ECTS credit)

  • 1.1 Training of highly qualified specialists in the 21st century: the role and opportunities of distance education.
  • 1.2 Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu - National-Louis University innovative leadership in distance education: unique Features of CloudA integrated IT system
  • 1.3 Distance education in the digital age: a look into the future.

Module 2. Distance learning in action. CloudA IT system: comprehensive student services. (60 hours / 2 ECTS credits)

  • 2.1 Schedule, curriculum and virtual journal.
  • 2.2 Study materials, tasks, tests, assessment.
  • 2.3 Participation in interactive classes and contact with lecturers.
  • 2.4 Processing of payments.
  • 2.5 Writing the thesis.
  • 2.6 Mobile application for distance learning.

Module 3. Multicast. Use of advanced achievements of digital technologies in distance education. (30 hours / 1 ECTS credit)

  • 3.1 Difference of multicast from classical forms of distance e-learning.
  • 3.2. Multi-class transfer (simultaneous transmission of multiple data streams visible to participants in separate windows).
  • 3.3 Participation in classes from anywhere in the world with any mobile device.

Module 4. Features of the teacher's work on the modern digital remote platform. (30 hours / 1 ECTS credit)

  • 4.1 Developing the technical and information competencies required to work in the digital age.
  • 4.2 Sociocultural and linguistic competences of the modern teacher.
  • 4.3 Acquisition of competences and development of professional abilities of pedagogical staff using digital technologies.

Module 5. Remote procedure for the admission to the university. (30 hours / 1 ECTS credit)

  • 5.1 Documents required for admission to the university.
  • 5.2 Formation and submission of applications for admission in remote form.
  • 5.3 Processing of applications for admission.

Module 6. Quality assurance policy and didactic process supervision. (60 hours / 2 ECTS credit)

  • 6.1 Quality assurance policy: European standards and WSB-NLU case study.
  • 6.2 Didactic process control with Cloud Academy support.
  • 6.3 Academic teachers credentialing/certification.

Language of instruction: English (translated into Russian).

Classes are held exclusively in the distance form.

All those who successfully pass the internship program are provided with an appropriate internship certificate (240 hours, 8 ECTS credits) and Transcript of Records.

  • Details on the conditions of participation are on the university website at the link:
  • Registration is on the university website at the link:

Conditions of participation:

  • The cost of the internship is 145 Euros.
  • The cost of sending the certificate from Poland to other countries is paid additionally, this amount is added to the account depending on the cost of international shipments.
  • The bank transaction fee is not included in the price and is paid separately to the respective bank.
  • The application deadline (registration for the program) is November 22, 2021.
  • After you register, you will receive a bill for payment from the university.

Payment deadline: NOVEMBER 30, 2021.

Contacts and consultations:

The amount should be paid into the following account:

Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu - National Louis University z siedzibą w Nowym Sączu BANK PKO S.A. Oddział w Nowym Sączu,

ul. Jagiellońska 26 33-300 Nowy Sącz EUR:
NRB: 39 1240 4748 1978 0010 4561 6148
IBAN: PL 39 1240 4748 1978 0010 4561 6148

The title of the bank transfer should include: Stażirowka, name and surname.

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IV International scientific and practical conference “Scientific Research Priorities: theoretical and practical value”

26th-30th of November 2019 Nowy Sącz,
Poland Organizer Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu – National Louis University
With the information support of the Association for Promotion of Education and Science Globalization SPACETIME.

Please register on-line:

The deadline for participation in the conference is November 1, 2019.
Consultation and questions: Natalia Gut, International Projects Coordinator;

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