ITSec 4 U

ITSec 4 U
Bądź żołnierzem w świecie pełnym wojen

Be a soldier in a world full of wars

Congratulations Corporal! You have found our event! Everyone who wants to take part in it realizes that attacks in cyberspace are widespread. That's why we have a suggestion - become a cyber soldier in a world filled with virtual wars! Take part in a cyclical course at the Wyższej Szkoły Biznesu - National Louis University and gain knowledge about cyber security. Never lose your vigilance - with us you will not become another easy target for cyber criminals!

Zostań cyberżołnierzem z Wyższą Szkołą Biznesu – National Louis University w Nowym Sączu

Become a cyber-soldier with Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu - National Louis University in Nowy Sącz

Feel invited to a series of meetings with our security specialist - Wojtek Bobak, MA, who for years has been making sure that no attack on our databases is successful. Like in any large company, also at WSB-NLU there are countless amounts of so-called sensitive data, such as PESEL numbers, mailing addresses, account numbers and entire portfolios of academic achievements of each of our students.

Our battle-experienced "tactician" will show you how to emerge victoriously from any cyber war. During the series of trainings with WSB-NLU you will learn how to carry out an assault in case of a threat and how to protect yourself from any attempt to take over probably the most important thing we have left in this life - IDENTITY.

An interesting cycle of training, testing your skills in combat, an elite development group, and an extensive course preparing you to face an almost invisible cyber-warrior - all this awaits you if you join our elite unit!

Dołącz do armii – zostań specjalistą ds. cyberbezpieczeństa

Join the army - become a cybersecurity specialist

A passion for safety has brought us to this point where we can share our knowledge and experience. Step into the path of one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Become an elite specialist and feel like a special forces soldier in a clash with the ultra enemy!

Join us for streamed and informal meetups hosted on our Cloud Academy™ platform. Periodic courses are hosted for free by WSB-NLU for anyone interested in the event!

What else do you need to know, cyber-soldier-to-be?


  • Barracks days for our unit: to be determined (in the group forum after verification of all battle-ready privates).
  • Meeting place: WSB-NLU Cloud Academy™ platform.
  • Length of training: depends on how much time you are willing to invest - it may be 45 minutes, or even 3 hours!
Wojciech Bobak

Project coordinator

The originator and coordinator of the project is Wojciech Bobak, M.Sc..

E-mail contact for all interested:

If you want to join the ITsecWSB-NLU group, write to the above address. Describe briefly, what your interests, needs, and expectations are. Classes will be prepared in such a way that you benefit and get the most out of the course.

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