Let's organize together

Włącz myślenie. Postaw na przedsiębiorczość
edycja IX

At WSB-NLU we follow the principle:

"The university is for the students, not the students for the university".

Therefore... discover your potential with us!

If You :

  • have a passion are creative prefer to act,
  • not to sit like organizing different kinds of meetings, events, conferences

...share your idea and let's organize it together!

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The more ideas, the more opportunities to get together and create the best academic community!

Together with the Student Council we organized many interesting events:

  • Summer Car Cinema (2 editions)
  • Games Night
  • American Party WSB-NLU
  • Chillout Vibes Roof Party
  • Chillout Vibes „Circus of Magic”
  • 90’s Party WSB-NLU International Luau - After Party “Run 4 a Smile”
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