OLIMP Recreation Center

Centrum Rekreacji Olimp
Centrum Rekreacyjne OLIMP WSB-NLU

The OLIMP Recreation Center

The OLIMP Recreation Center is a place where the highest priority is health, satisfaction and well-being. Our primary goal is to provide high-quality services tailored to the wishes and goals of our clients. We want everyone who enters our club to get rid of the stress of everyday life and let the positive factors of physical activities influence his life. Regardless of whether he intends to rest individually or in a group and of his intention: whether it is to relax, get rid of negative mental tension, improve endurance, strength and coordination training – OLIMP will help to reach the aim.

Oferujemy pełnowymiarową halę sportową

We offer a full-size sports hall, which is ideal for various sports activities and allows the organization of competitions at the championship level. Its equipment allows for the organization of activities in the field of team games, individual sports as well as general development training and school physical education. Thanks to the use of the curtain structure, it is possible to divide the hall into three independent sectors, where three training groups can train simultaneously. The hall is available from early morning until late evening hours. In order to book a hall, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

We have a fully equipped sauna at our guests' disposal. According to the Finns, the sauna cleans the body and mind, effectively prevents the aging of the body and has a very positive effect on our health and beauty. The skin of the whole body is cleansed of fat, seborrhea, dead cells, it becomes clean and smooth and begins to breathe better. This allows for better absorption of various conditioners, nutrients and moisturizers.



Katarzyna Ruśkiewicz

I am a fitness instructor and I love what I do!
What is movement for me? This is a way of my life! I can walk in the mountains and bike, I can swim, run and dance - all these activities make me happy.

In 2008 I recieved the state certificate of physical recreation instructor "Fitness - modern gymnastic forms", but I had trained and gained experience in this field much earlier.

As a fitness instructor I do not like to limit myself, that is why I regulary participate in conventions and trainings. I often introduce new elements to known forms of physcial activities to make your trainings even more efficient, safe and pleasant at the same time. I try to make the lessons you take varied and the choreography interesting and unique.

Many thanks to all the participants of the fitness classes, because you are the reason why I still want to be a fitness instructor.

Bernadetta Garwol

Sport is for me a tool that allows me to build a better "self". It is a great joy for me that I can share my passion and knowledge with you. Consistency, regularity and persistence are the keys that open the door to a better well-being and a dream silhouette. You are more than welcome to join my classes, together we will achieve your goals.

Courses and trainings:

Movement Recreation Instructor with a specialization in Fitness - modern forms of gymnastics, Open Mind: Aero Dance - Methodology, Fitness Workshops with accessories (loball, step, heavy ball), Step Level I, Tribal Fitness School: Stretching, a course specializing in: Sports Nutrition, Tribal Fitness School: PUMP - training with a barbell, participant of numerous fitness events and conventions.

Małgorzata Augustyniak

In my life, I believe in the principle that you have to work hard for everything. Success and self-satisfaction are the greater, the more effort you put into achieving them. That is why I enjoy sports so much.

In 2014 I became an instructor of physical recreation with a specialization in fitness - modern forms of gymnastics. I am qualified to conduct classes: cardio, muscle, mind & body.

Exercising not only improves the condition and the look of our body, but it also helps us to relax from everyday matters and responsibilities. That is why I cordially invite you to classes. Let's do something for ourselves!


Hi, I'm Sylwia! I have been working at CR Olimp recently, but I am glad that I found myself here! I have been interested in sport for many years and I want to develop in this direction because it is my passion. I am happy to work at CR Olimp, and in my spare time I can easily do my planned workouts!

Schedule of group fitness classes - valid from 04/10/2021

Time. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday






(brzuch, pośladki, uda)



19:05   TABATA




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Oświadczenie rodziców osób niepełnoletnich korzystających z CR Olimp WSB-NLU

Współpraca Olimp



OPEN subscription (group classes, sauna, gym, trainer's advice) - PLN 120

Gym + sauna - PLN 99

Gym + fitness - PLN 99

OPEN Gym - PLN 70

Group lessons

One-time entry - PLN 15

Monthly OPEN subscription - PLN 90

Monthly OPEN subscription + sauna - PLN 99

12 entries * - PLN 110

* To be used within 2 months from the date of purchase.


Subscription for 10 entries - PLN 80

1 session - 12 PLN

Exclusive sauna reservation (1.5h) - PLN 80

Sport Hall:

Renting a sport hall (1h) - PLN 110

1 sector in a sport hall (1h) - PLN 36

Kontakt - Olimp
Contact details

ul. Zielona 27, 33-300 Nowy Sącz (campus WSB-NLU)

Phone.: +48 18 44 99 126
mail: olimp@wsb-nlu.edu.pl

Opening hours:
Monday- Friday: 7.00-22.00

Find us: Facebook i Instagram

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