Student e-mail address

Create an e-mail address for students

How to create WSB-NLU student mail?

To create a student mail, you need to write on:  using the e-mail address provided whenyou have filling out the recruitment form.

Within 3 working days you will receive your new student email with instructions.

The WSB-NLU mail is available under the address:

What is WSB-NLU student mail for?

Throughout the entire training period, you will be able to use the student's mail for various needs:

  • to contact with lecturers
  • to contact the university administration
  • to access the digital library
  • to access Microsoft office
  • to receive discounts on different services

Who needs WSB-NLU student mail?

Mail is necessary for every student, listener or employee of the university.

In this way, we simplify communication between the student and the university.