Uczelnia a studenci

University and students

√ The main mission of WSB-NLU is and will be to educate students. And this is to the fullest potential.

√ Together with the students we have created an atmosphere of a university leaning towards them, a university that facilitates the development of individual talents, seeing the best in each student.

√ The atmosphere of student life, relations with the teaching staff and students' attachment to the university has become an important feature of WSB-NLU.

√ We motivate our students to take initiatives and deal with even the craziest ideas. The joint commitment of the school's staff and the ability to think creatively has enabled many students to realise their professional ambitions.

√ Their open minds, flexibility and responsibility already allow them to build not only their own prosperity, but also to have a real impact on the living standards of the societies they live in.

Organizacje Studenckie

Students' Organisations

The life of a WSB-NLU student is not just about studying. After hours spent mastering new formulations, IT and psychological intricacies, business or political terminology, the time for leisure comes. Then it is worth taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the numerous, dynamically operating student organizations, sections of interests and sports sections. Among the numerous student organisations there are those whose activities are aimed at developing individual skills and interests of students. They include among others:

  • University Council of Students' Self-Government
  • Student Forum Business Centre Club
  • AIM (Business-Activity-Entertainment) Photosecta
  • Shock Force Productions
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