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Few words about us

The Students Council WSB-NLU is a group of active Students who work for the benefit of the University and the academic community.

The tasks of the Students Council includes:

  • Representing all Students to the University Authorities and in external contacts
  • Adopting resolutions on matters important to the student community
  • Defense of Student Rights
  • Expressing opinions on the model and curriculum as well as raising the level of education
  • Settlement of disputes between students
  • Help in social and living matters (including with a dormitory)
  • Organizing events for the community.

Our action is aimed at strengthening the ties in the student community. Virtually every day we engage in a discussion during which we brainstorm. Our basic question during such conversations is: "What to do to make the Students come to the University with a smile on their face?". The Student Council makes sure that every student has the feeling that WSB-NLU is his university, where his problems will be understood and he will receive friendly help while studing.

Jak działamy?

How do we work?

The Student Council of WSB-NLU organizes regular meetings, during which it sets up an action plan for the coming months. The members of the Council, using their creativity and each time increasing practice, carefully work out all the details so that each event gives full satisfaction to all students involved, and has a positive reception among the community. Our events often attract hundreds of citizens of Nowy Sącz and the surrounding area due to their originality and unconventional nature.

An invaluable added value is the fact that each time they provide an opportunity to integrate the WSB-NLU academic community and others.

The most popular projects that we had the pleasure to organize or co-organize are:

  • Drive in Theater
  • Games Night
  • American Party WSB-NLU
  • Chillout Vibes “Roof Party”
  • Chillout Vibes “Circus of Magic”
  • 90’s Party WSB-NLU
  • International Luau - Afterparty Run 4 a Smile

Additionally, each year we give every support to help in the implementation of the charity run "Run 4 a Smile", International Cooking Day and Power of IT. We have also organized a charity collection of food for homeless animals for one of the Associations in Nowy Sącz, because we understand the power of helping!

We would like to assure everyone that we are not limiting ourselves and are still planning new events that the whole city already loves!

Jak do nas dołączyć?

How to join us?

If you feel that you would be a good fit for the WSB-NLU University Council, please do contact us! We still want to develop our operations, so we are waiting for creative people with unconventional ways of thinking. Who knows, maybe we are waiting for you? :)


President of the Student Council: Natalia Mirek, phone. +48 534 316 179

Support for Foregin Students: Daniel Haś

Find us on

The Council's structure

  • Anna Szewczyk - Chairperson of the WSB-NLU University Council
  • Julia Galica - Deputy Chairperson of the WSB-NLU University Council
  • Paulina Ciesielka - Social Media Coordinator
  • Maximilian Motyka - Member of WSB-NLU University Council
  • Katarzyna Smoleń - Member of WSB-NLU University Council
  • Krzysztof Ligas - Member of WSB-NLU University Council
  • Mateusz Nachman - Member of WSB-NLU University Council
  • Aleksander Jasinowski - Member of the WSB-NLU University Council
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