The Power of IT

Potęga Informatyki
Największy projekt studentów WSB-NLU

The biggest project of WSB-NLU students

Feel the power with WSB-NLU!

The Power of IT is an extraordinary show, designed not only for people fascinated with computer science, but also for all lovers of multimedia shows, concerts and people fascinated with all the latest technological innovations.

This event is a must for any IT enthusiast! If the world of computers, virtual reality, animation or robots is something you really love, experoence this unusual spectacle produced and realized at the Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu - National Louis University in Nowy Sącz.

Event, który zawsze budzi zachwyt

An event that always gives a thrill!

The Power of IT is an extraordinary spectacle and its main goal is to popularize science and new technologies among young people. It has been launched and organized for almost a decade by students of the Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu - National Louis University in Nowy Sącz. For many years, the university has been educating true IT enthusiasts, who not only successfully implement extensive commercial projects, but also willingly participate in practical classes and obtain specializations that allow them to develop the IT field.

Rzeczywistość, która rozszerza się na naszych oczach

The reality that is expanding in front of our eyes

What makes the Power of IT stand out from other events?

Lectures, meetings with exceptional people, the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies - so much is given by this event. However the Power of IT is, above all, an interesting and well-organized multimedia show, which guarantees great excitement associated with the technology of Augmented Reality - lasers, animation and all other lighting effects. During the Power of IT, both participants and the speakers themselves discover the possibilities of the most modern IT tools.

During the event, WSB-NLU students are often recognized as great magicians of virtual reality and motivational speakers infecting the audience with a passion for exploring the world of science. The goal of all IT events organized so far by WSB-NLU is to encourage greater promotion of such a remarkable field as Computer Science. Learning about it gives great opportunities for development, and the Power of IT as a modern multimedia event is aimed at equalizing social opportunities, reducing IT poverty in Poland and the education of particularly talented young people.

Potęga Informatyki i sukces każdej edycji

The Power of Power of IT and the success of each edition.

The Power of IT is an event that has been held annually at WSB-NLU since 2011. Each of the meetings has been a huge success, with the number of participants steadily increasing each year. The first meeting attracted 1,000 participants, the second edition was over 1,300, while the Power of IT III gathered already 1,500 participants and in the next (fourth and fifth edition) there were already 1,600. All subsequent editions of the Power of IT always gathered over 2,000 participants. What will the future bring? In the world of IT nothing is fully known or predictable, but we cherish the hope that also the next meetings of the series will gather many IT fans. Especially that it is a great opportunity to feel the Power of IT on your own skin!

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