Transfer from another university

Transfer z innej uczelni
Dlaczego warto skorzystać z transferu z innej uczelni?

Are you studying, but thinking about changing the university? It is easy with WSB-NLU! Transfer from another university in real time! For those who are interested, we offer the possibility of enrolling in the full-time STUDY&WORK form.

Why is it worth to transfer from another university?

WSB-NLU is a unique university that operates on the basis of a dedicated Cloud Academy ™ system, which is a response to the needs of today's education system!

At WSB-NLU, we focus on learning through practical classes. We believe that the innovative solutions we provide make students gain the best knowledge on the market. Finish your studies at WSB-NLU!

What is the admission to WSB-NLU as a part of the transfer?

Admitting a student to study at WSB-NLU by transfer from another university is based on the documentation of previous achievements at another university. You just need to be a student from another school!

A student applying for admission by transfer should:

  • Fill in the recruitment form Link to the form
  • Go to the "Transfer of grades" tab, fill out the grade transfer application and attach a document with your grades from the previous university, then click "Save and send"
  • Wait up to 7 working days for the Dean's decision
  • After receiving the decision of the Dean, complete the recruitment process and send all the required documents through the recruitment portal Link to the recruitment portal