Bachelor's degree in Management, specialization
Event organization specialist


Bachelor's degree in Management


6 semesters

One of its forms is an effective and publicity-generating event! The success of all marketing depends on its proper preparation, and behind every event is an event organization specialist. Do you feel that this is the way for you? Then don't wait any longer, enrol on a bachelor's degree course at the WSB-NLU, majoring in Management, and choose the specialization: Event Manager!

Who can enrol on a bachelor's degree program in Event Manager?

Do you love being in a crowd, working under pressure hasn't been a problem for you so far and do you feel that you want to work this way every day? If so, then the specialization of Event Manager is just made for you! Our bachelor's degree at WSB-NLU is aimed at all those who want to tie their future with organizing sports events, concerts, fairs, public speeches, conferences and many other events. If you want to gain qualifications to work in the industry - this is the perfect option for you. Openness, ease in establishing contacts, communicativeness, creativity and resistance to stress will be a great advantage in the work of an Event Specialist.


Bachelor's degree program with major: Event Manager

Theoretical issues or legal foundations are extremely important when it comes to Event Managers' work. But we believe, that's not all - nothing prepares you for the profession like practice! That's why at the WSB-NLU we focus on the proper preparation of future professionals - we are assisted by qualified practitioners, who themselves organise large-scale events on a daily basis. Additionally, our students actively participate in organizing events connected to WSB-NLU! This allows them to experience first-hand, during their studies, what it's like behind the scenes of sports events, cooking workshops, charity fundraisers or interactive themed meetings. During the course of studies with a specialization in Event Manager you will take part in such classes as:

  • Fundamentals of Economics,
  • Introduction to Psychology,
  • Fundamentals of Organization,
  • Managerial Economics,
  • Information Retrieval and Intellectual Property Protection,
  • Fundamentals of marketing,
  • Interpersonal communication,
  • Critical and creative thinking,
  • Project management,
  • Human resource management,
  • Event organization (case study),
  • Badania marketingowe,
  • Marketing research,
  • Reporting and data analysis,,
  • Social media,
  • Negotiations

All first degree students at WSB-NLU, within the specialization Event Manager, also take part in foreign language classes - English and Polish. Gaining proficiency in a foreign language is extremely important in planning, coordinating and implementing activities related to the organization of events.

What competences does a graduate with
a bachelor's degree in Event Management Specialist gain?

Our bachelor degree program is created by experts and practitioners in event organization. Thanks to this, the graduates of the Event Organizing Specialist specialization work on dedicated case studies, learning how to conduct creative and quality supervision over the organization of an event. They are able to plan, coordinate and settle project budgets, and know how to maintain documentation necessary for ongoing projects.

Thanks to the development of soft skills, they can easily cooperate with external entities, such as production houses, media houses, creative agencies. They know how to organize events in cooperation with external entities, such as fairs, conferences, industry events, internal events, picnics, outdoor events or galas.

The WSB-NLU degree program introduces practical skills required in all core functional areas of event management such as marketing, finance, project management, strategy, operations, event design and human resources. Students are introduced to the management techniques and strategies required for successful event planning, promotion, execution and evaluation.

Career prospects after graduating with a specialization in Event Management Specialist

Completion of the Event Specialist specialization provides an opportunity to find employment as, among others:

  • Event Organization Assistant,
  • Junior Events Specialist,
  • Wedding Planner,
  • Event Manager,
  • Event planning specialist,
  • Concert Organizer,
  • Sports event organizer,
  • Organizer of trade fairs, industry events,
  • Organizer of press conferences.
87% of our  students find a job  in the profession

Form of Studies at WSB-NLU

Students who decide to start studies at WSB-NLU may choose full-time studies - studies from Monday till ​Friday.

Full-time studies

Conducted on the campus in Nowy Sącz.

How long does a bachelor's degree last at WSB-NLU?

First degree studies in Management with a specialization in Event Organizing Specialist last 3 years, i.e. 6 semesters.

Cost of studies - Event Manager

Tuition fees for bachelor's degree studies in Event Manager are paid in one installment. Fees for foreign languages are included in the tuition fees and do not require an additional payment.

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