Legalization of foreign documents

Uznawalność dokumentów zagranicznych

Automatic recognition – without additional proceedings

Certificates, diplomas or other educational documents that confirm the completion of secondary education in the European Union, European Economic Area (EEA) or OECD member states as well as the right to apply for higher education programs in the country of issue shall be recognized in Poland by operation of law (i.e. automatically). The owners of such documents have a right to apply for studies at a Polish university or HE institution. Such regulation has been valid from 31 March 2015.


Zagraniczne świadectwo – czy może być uznane za ważne podczas ubiegania się o przyjęcie studia?

The recognition by operation of low (automatic recognition)

The recognition by operation of low (automatic recognition) means that the owners of certificates, diplomas or other documents that are recognized in Poland by operation of law may be filed directly with a university, HE institution or employer without being asked by a Polish authority for an additional recognition confirmation or proceedings.

Attention! Foreign certificates and diplomas should be authenticated, that is, stamped with the apostille seal or legalized by the authorities of the state in the education system of which were issued.

Foreign candidates from other countries

Foreign candidates from other countries, who wish to apply to study at WSB-NLU, in addition to the above-mentioned documents, should supply:

  1. Document presenting the course of education that shall comprise:
    • marks achieved in the final exam*
    • list of realized educational classes, number of hours, marks achieved*  
    • curriculum information (content of education, period of learning, grading system)*|
      * Important! - only If the certificate of completing secondary education does not contain this information!
  2. An apostille issued by the Consulate of Poland in the country issuing the document together with validation issued by the Chief Education Officer or Translation of the certificate and diploma into Polish together with legalization issued by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.
  3. Declaration confirming that the subjected certificate entitles the holder to apply for admission to university studies of any kind of university studies in the country within which education system the institution issuing the certificate operates (only if in the certificate there is no comment stating such entitlement).

Translation into Polish of certificate after it has been legalized or it has obtained an apostille and related documents made in foreign language, made by:  sworn translator enrolled on the list of sworn translators managed by the Ministry of Justice or consul of Republic of Poland being at the office in country in which education system the subjected document has been issued.  

Important! Before you start the application process check out visa conditions in Polish Council Office!

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