Engineering studies - Computer Science, specialization:
Business Application Developer


Engineering studies - Computer Science


7 semesters

Programmers today are worth their weight in gold - but in order to work in this field, you need the right knowledge. You can gain this knowledge by choosing to study Bachelor of Engineering at WSB-NLU. Choose Informatics as your major and specialize in Business Applications Developer to fully determine your future.

For whom are the engineering studies with a specialization in Business Application Developer aimed?

Studies with a specialization in Business Application Programmer are intended for lovers of informatics, computers and the Internet. It is a highly practical course that focuses primarily on the skills of writing business applications. Thanks to the studies at WSB-NLU you will easily master the knowledge necessary for the work of a programmer. The Business Applications Developer program is addressed to those who want to learn how to create mobile and web applications, and prepare practically for the profession of a programmer.

Program of Study: Business Application Developer

During the course of study with a specialization in Business Application Programmer at WSB-NLU, our students complete the programming of an advanced business application. They work in accordance with the principles that apply in professional programming teams of the largest software companies. Learning programming is strongly connected to project implementation.

In addition, throughout the course of study, students who have chosen the Business Application Developer specialization will take classes like:

  • IT tools,
  • Discrete mathematics,
  • Programming in C++,
  • Statistics,
  • Basic of software engineering,
  • Basics of electronics and digital technology,
  • Creating user interfaces,
  • Algorithms and data structures,
  • Project management,
  • Computer graphics,
  • Programming in PHP,
  • Programming of desktop business applications,
  • Designing mobile business applications,
  • Programming advanced web services,

The course of study has been developed by professionals with years of programming experience. Thanks to this, students can be sure that they will gain both knowledge and practical opportunities to apply it.

What competences does a graduate with
Business Application Developer specialization gain?

A great advantage of studying at WSB-NLU is a practical approach to learning. We do not teach only textbook knowledge - we focus on gaining real-life experience. That is why after graduating from the Business Applications Programmer specialization our graduates are fully prepared to work in their profession. When creating the specialization WSB-NLU puts great emphasis on students gaining programming skills in C++, UML, JAVA, SQL.

Career prospects after graduation from the specialization Business Application Programmer

Graduates of WSB-NLU's Business Application Programmer degree program are excellently prepared for employment as programmers. They have a chance to find employment as:

  • Software Engineer,
  • Developer,
  • Application Tester,
  • Software Architect,
  • UI Designer,
  • Backend Developer,
  • System Engineer,
  • Web Developer.
87% of our  students find a job  in the profession

Form of Studies at WSB-NLU

Students who decide to start studies at WSB-NLU may choose full-time studies - studies from Monday till ​Friday.

Full-time studies

Conducted on the campus in Nowy Sącz.

How long does a bachelor's degree in engineering take?

The undergraduate engineering degree program in Business Applications Programmer is 7 semesters long.

Cost of Business Application Developer degree program

Tuition for engineering degree programs is payable in one installment. Foreign language fees are included in the tuition.

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