Engineering studies - Computer Science, specialization:
Cybersecurity Analyst


Engineering studies - Computer Science


7 semesters

Wide access to the Internet, ease of use of computers, storage of valuable data in the cloud - sometimes a moment of inattention is enough for someone to break into a computer, intercept sensitive information or steal money from an account. It's even worse when dealing with cyber attacks on enterprises. To meet the needs of today's world - WSB-NLU has prepared 1st degree engineering studies with a specialization in Cybersecurity Analyst.

For whom are the engineering studies specializing in Cybersecurity Analyst?

Do you want to get a well-paid job in one of the fastest growing industries in the world? In addition, you like IT, browsing the Internet, are you eager to learn about the most modern methods of cyber defense? Then the IT major and Cybersecurity Analyst specialization will be perfect for you! The aim of the engineering studies with the specialization Cybersecurity Analyst is to prepare our students to work in the field of cybersecurity. If you want to learn the secrets of personal data protection, you are interested in new dimensions of internet security, you want to learn how to prepare reports or analyzes related to security - you've come to the right place!

Cybersecurity Analyst study program

Most of the classes conducted in the course of engineering studies in the field of Computer Science have a practical aspect, which gives high results in terms of acquiring knowledge, acquiring analytical skills, working in a group, as well as using the acquired skills in the alleged production environment.

During your studies as a Cybersecurity Analyst, you will participate, inter alia, in such specialty classes as:

  • Algorithms and data structures,
  • Discrete mathematics,
  • Obtaining information and protecting intellectual property,
  • Programming in C ++,
  • Fundamentals of software engineering,
  • Java programming,
  • Human-computer interaction,
  • System engineering,
  • Hack The Box Laboratory,
  • Computer Networks,
  • Fundamentals of electronics and digital technology,
  • Personal data administration,
  • Data security audit and threat analysis,
  • Project management,
  • Internet of Things,
  • Reverse engineering,
  • Cryptography.

What competences does a graduate
of engineering studies obtain?

A graduate of the Cybersecurity Analyst specialization will acquire the necessary skills to effectively protect the intellectual property of the company and the data it processes, thus protecting its property as well as the entrusted customer data.

In addition, WSB-NLU graduates are very familiar with the principles of creating cybersecurity in organizations, they know how to properly care for IT data in enterprises. They gain the knowledge necessary to apply methods of protection against identity theft on the Internet.

Professional prospects after graduating from the Cybersecurity Analyst specialization

After completing the IT major and Cybersecurity Analyst specialization, you can get a job as:

  • Security analyst in private or state organizations,
  • Intelligence officer,
  • Crisis management specialist,
  • Personal data administrator,
  • IT security specialist in private companies or public institutions,
  • IT security trainer,
  • Sensitive information protection specialist,
  • IT audit specialist.
87% of our  students find a job  in the profession

Form of Studies at WSB-NLU

Students who decide to start studies at WSB-NLU may choose full-time studies - studies from Monday till ​Friday.

Full-time studies

Conducted on the campus in Nowy Sącz.

How long does a bachelor's degree in engineering take?

The undergraduate engineering degree program in Cybersecurity Analyst is 7 semesters long.(3,5 years)

Cost of Cybersecurity Analyst degree program

Tuition for engineering degree programs is payable in one installment. Foreign language fees are included in the tuition.

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