Engineering studies - Computer Science, specialization:
Game Developer


Engineering studies - Computer Science


7 semesters

Do not wait any longer - become a computer scientist with Game Developer specialization! This is a major that will open a world of opportunities for you. Check the offer of engineering studies at WSB-NLU in Nowy Sacz.

Who is the Game Developer degree program aimed at?

If you feel that the role of a gamer is not enough for you and you want to do something more in this direction, think about studying Computer Science with a specialization in Game Developer.This is an excellent path for those who dream of a job that will interest them and make them really happy. If you are creative, open-minded and want to learn how to program and create artificial intelligence, Game Developer is the right direction for you.

Game Developer Studies Program

The aim of the Game Developer course is to create your own game, starting from the design phase, through the implementation of assumptions, creation of graphic resources, to the various ways of marketing/promoting games in accordance with the rules applicable to each game development team. Thanks to this, our graduates can immediately practice the acquired theoretical knowledge and at the same time gain experience which is essential on the job market.

During the course of study, on the specialization Game Developer, you will participate in such classes as:

  • Introduction to Programming,
  • Introduction to higher mathematics,
  • Algorithms and Data Structures,
  • Discrete mathematics,
  • Programming in C++,
  • Fundamentals of software engineering,
  • Programming in Java,
  • Computer Graphics,
  • Database design,
  • Programming in C#,
  • Differential and integral calculus
  • Game and scenario programming,
  • Computer Animation and Animated Film,
  • 3D modeling and visualization,
  • Embedded Systems,
  • Artificial intelligence programming in computer games,
  • Advanced game programming.

In addition, during their studies in Computer Science, students will participate in English classes at the intermediate level. Studies end with an internship and an engineering project. The Game Developer specialization is sponsored by an independent game studio iFun4all.S.A. iFun4all.S.A. is the patron of the Game Developer specialization. iFun4all.S.A.'s employees teach specialist subjects during the course.

What competences does a graduate
of engineering studies gain?

The main goal of the Game Developer specialization is to prepare students for independent work in the IT sector. In WSB-NLU we focus on a practical approach to learning - lecturers of our university are professionally active people who show how to translate acquired theory into appropriate action in practice. During the whole course of studies with a specialization in Game Developer, students will carry out an engineering project, learn the specifics of teamwork and project management.

Professional prospects after completing the Game Developer specialization

Professional perspectives after graduation Thanks to studies at WSB-NLU, graduates will be prepared to work in game development companies and become more valuable candidates for potential employers. Our graduates are prepared to work in, among other things:

  • creation of computer games,
  • advertising activities, film and television productions,
  • design of web or mobile environments,
  • design of mobile applications,
  • artificial intelligence programming in computer games,
  • creation of animated films,
  • creating computer animations,
  • design of 3D computer models.
87% of our  students find a job  in the profession

Form of Studies at WSB-NLU

Students who decide to start studies at WSB-NLU may choose full-time studies - studies from Monday till ​Friday.

Full-time studies

Conducted on the campus in Nowy Sącz.

How long does a bachelor's degree in engineering take?

The undergraduate engineering degree program in Game Developer is 7 semesters long.

Cost of Game Developer degree program

Tuition for engineering degree programs is payable in one installment. Foreign language fees are included in the tuition.

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