Student Mobility for Studies (SMS)

Student Mobility for Studies (SMS)
Criteria for participation in the Erasmus + program

Criteria for participation in the Erasmus + program:

The basic criterion for participation in the Erasmus + program is knowledge of English or other language required by the foreign university, to the extent enabling studying.

Additional criteria - student:

  • is registered on a degree at WSB-NLU in Nowy Sącz
  • has completed the first year of study
  • at the time of recruitment has passed the first semester of study, if the mobility is to take place in the next academic year,
  • is not in arrears with tuition fees,
  • has GPA of minimum 3.5.
  • at the time of departure and during his/her stay at a foreign university, he/she is not on Dean’s leave
Student Mobility for Studies

Student Mobility for Studies

  • the period of study is carried out abroad in a partner institution of higher education
  • duration: from 3 to 12 months - one student may participate in mobility periods with a total maximum duration of up to 12 months at each level of the studies (first and second cycle)
  • eligible participants: students registered in an institution of higher education and admitted to studies ending in obtaining a recognized qualification (diploma) or other recognized qualification obtained in higher education; the student must be admitted to at least the second year of study as part of higher education.

Students interested in participating in the Erasmus + program may submit the required documents in the International Relations Office, room 022/C.

Student recruitment will take place until all the mobilities  granted by the National Agency have been filled.

Scholarship from the Erasmus + program

Scholarship from the Erasmus + program

The scholarship within the Erasmus + program is awarded for the duration of the study period at the foreign university or institution in which the student completes the internship. Co-financing of the mobility is paid in accordance with the monthly scholarship rates provided by the NA.

The scholarship is intended to cover part of the costs related to the travel and stay at the foreign university. The scholarship is not intended to cover the full costs of traveling and living abroad.

The Erasmus+ grant rates in the academic year 2021/2022 for students intended to study are available in the Rector's Order KA103-2019 Rector's Order KA103-2020.

How to apply for mobility to a foreign university?

  1. Familiarize yourself with the criteria for participation in the Erasmus + program and the current list of inter-institutional agreements signed with foreign universities under the Erasmus + program
  2. Choose the university to which you want to go to study.
  3. Fill in the  Application form for outgoing students, this application form is also available in International Relations Office (Room 022/C)
  4. Attach to Application form:
    • CV in English (Europass format)
    • Motivation letter with justification for choosing a foreign university
    • Transcript of records
      You will be informed about the recruitment result by e-mail and a message in CloudA
  5. After qualifying for a mobility, you must contact the foreign university, send the required documents to the foreign university for the purpose of their acceptance - the application form required by the given foreign university and Learning Agreement for Studies.  The Learning Agreement must be approved by the sending university and the foreign university.
To download
Learning Agreement
Guidelines to Learning Agreement
Wskazówki do LA (studia)

Before, during and after mobility

Before mobility

Obtain and deliver to the International Relations Office a set of the following documents, at least two weeks before the planned departure to study at a foreign university:

  • Letter of Acceptance, confirming the admission to study, which you will receive from a foreign university,
  • Learning Agreement for Studies,
  • Statement on EURO bank account number
  • a copy of your insurance: health insurance, accident insurance and / or third party liability insurance,
  • At the International Relations Office, you will sign a financial agreement under which you will be awarded a scholarship
  • Complete the first language proficiency test in the indicated on-line tool (Erasmus + Online Linguistic Support), to which the link will be sent by e-mail. The scholarship is paid after the conclusion of the financial agreement in two installments: advance payment constituting 70% of the scholarship’s total awarded amount - before departure and 30% on return and delivery of the required documents necessary to complete your studies abroad.

During mobility

Upon your arrival to the host university fill in the Confirmation of Arrival and ask your host Erasmus+ coordinator to sign and stamp this document. Send scanned document to International Relations Office of WSB-NLU.

In case there arises a need for the modification of the Learning Agreement, immediately inform the Erasmus+ Coordinator. If approval for modification is given – appropriate written changes will be introduced, that must be approved and signed by Yourself, the home university and the host university.

After mobility

Immediately upon return (within 10 days of ending your stay in foreign university) submit required documentation:

  • Provide Certificate of Attendance confirming the completion of studies at a foreign foreign language, prepared on university official paper. This document must include: period of stay in college, i.e. the first and last day in which you were present at a foreign university.
  • complete the individual participant's report on the on-line departure according to the instructions you receive in an e-mail generated by the European Commission reporting tool,
  • proceed to the second language proficiency test in the indicated on-line tool (Erasmus + Online Linguistic Support).