Residence Card

Uznanie zawodowe
Uznanie zawodowe - potwierdzenie efektów uczenia się (PEU)

How to apply for a Residence Card?

A residence card is issued to foreigners who have been granted a temporary or permanent residence permit (over 3 months) in Poland..

Registration of documents for the residence card takes place in next way:

Step 1: Appointment for submission of documents

You can sign up for the submission of the documents for the residence card via e-mail (, or come directly to the Department for Foreigners (Jagiellońska 52 in Nowy Sącz).

You need to apply for a residence card and provide the basis on which you wish to receive one.

Applicant's data:

  1. Name and Surname
  2. Nationality
  3. Date of birth
  4. Mobile phone number
  5. The document on the basis of which you are staying in Poland (legal document)
  6. The date of expiry of current card, visa or visa-free travel
  7. The basis for applying
  8. The place where you want to apply

Within a few days you will receive a message from the Department for Foreigners with information about your appointment- date and time

Step 2: Prepare the necessary document

In order to apply for the residence card based on studying, you need to provide the following documents:

  1. Completed application form for the Residence Permit
  2. 4 photos (3,5 x 4,5)
  3. Original and 2 copies of the passport (copy of all pages)
  4. Copy of your valid temporary residence card (only for those who are re-applying)
  5. Copy of Rental Agreement
  6. Confirmation of a WSB-NLU student status from the Dean’s Office
  7. Document stating the tuition payments from the Finance Office in University
  8. Insurance covering cost of medical aid for the entire stay (or at least a year) and its copy
  9. Bank statement proving you have enough funds for the stay in Poland
  10. Confirmation of payment of the fee for the decision on temporary residence on the territory of Poland – PLN 340

Wydział Podatków i Opłat UMK
PKO Bank Polski S.A.
49 1020 2892 2276 3005 0000 0000

Step 3: Providing additional documents

Department may request additional documents which will need to be provided. You may receive a certified letter about it. To provide an additional package of documents, you can go directly to the Department for Foreigners with no prior appointment.

Step 4: Receiving a residence card

After your application is approved, you will be informed of the approximate time it will take to receive your residence card. For issuing a residence card, you must pay PLN 50.

Payment details:

Małopolski Urząd Wojewódzki w Krakowie
Wydział Finansów i Budżetu
Bank account number: 08 1010 1270 0051 2222 3100 0000
Cost: PLN 50
Title: Fee for issuing a residence card


Pick up your residence card and enjoy your stay in Poland.


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